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Eric M. Koehn Ph.D

     Dr. Koehn is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at San Francisco State University. Growing up in the Midwest (Iowa and Minnesota), Dr. Koehn received his bachelors (B.S.) and doctorate (Ph.D) in Chemistry from the University of Iowa and moved to the SF-bay area in 2013.

     After graduate school, Dr. Koehn was a Postdoctoral Researcher (in the laboratory of Prof. Judith Klinman), and Lecturer (in the Department of Chemistry) at UC Berkeley. During his scientific training, Dr. Koehn has developed an expertise in researching unusual enzyme mechanisms and understanding cofactor biosynthesis in many human pathogens.

     Now at SF State Dr. Koehn instructs classes in Organic Chemistry and Biological Chemistry, and is building a research program to understand  key enzymatic pathways in pathogens and target them using novel small molecule therapeutics.

     When he’s not doing “the Science”, Dr. Koehn likes to spend most of his time in nature on a hike or camping, playing guitar, or trying to pick up heavy things at the gym.

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